Hi, I’m John.
I lead teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences by empowering people, establishing processes, and shaping products.

I’m currently driving digital transformation of internal support services to better serve management consultants at McKinsey & Company.

Working within a Service Design & Innovation team with a portfolio of transformation initiatives, my role involves: evangelizing the work of the design team with stakeholders, collaborating cross-functionally on complex projects to ensure the voice of design is heard, and coaching team members through guidance and a vision for success.

Prior to that, I was democratising access to geospatial data and analytics at UP42.

As the first design hire within the Airbus Defence and Space subsidiary, I established design practice within the organisation.

I was responsible for establishing a culture of continuous research through a combination of quantitative (SQL, BigQuery, etc.) and qualitative (user interviews, usability testing, etc.) techniques—to ensure decisions were made with the best data and insights at hand.

I also worked closely with the frontend team to establish the foundations of our design system, through the design and implementation of token and component libraries.


I also helped businesses automate their bookkeeping and accounting at Candis.

As a single person design team, I was responsible for user experience across the portfolio of products at Candis. Practically speaking, I conducted user research, produced design concepts and prototypes, documented epics and user stories, and contributed UI enhancements to the React codebase.

I also led the initiative to scale design to meet the needs of a growing engineering team through the development of a design system that served as the style guide and component library for current and future Candis products.

I’ve helped people discover sports venues and achieve their fitness goals at Urban Sports Club.

I played a key technical leadership and product design role, responsible for the digital transformation of key technical infrastructure and the venue check-in experience. My achievements were instrumental to the ambitious expansion of the flat-rate sports membership from Berlin into over 88 cities and 8,000 sporting venues.

My key achievement was leading the delivery team, where I designed the REST API specification and mobile app experiences. Within three months, we replaced the existing manual membership card and log sheet processes with an API and mobile apps enabling members to check-in with their iOS and Android devices.